When You Get a Good “Sign”

I was a teenager at a rock concert, dancing to my favorite song. Then it happened. After a massive solo, the drummer threw his stick into the crowd! The drum stick flew over my head, two rows behind me. It bounced off the hands of the fans, and propelled forward to the ground. I dove into the scrum and went for the stick.

Victory! The stick was mine, and I was giddy with excitement.

As an aspiring drummer in the school band, THIS was a sign. A sign of my future drumming greatness. I grew up in an environment where signs meant something. They were destiny.

But I ended up a terrible drummer. Signs mean nothing, and they have no power.

It turns out, signs are only encouragement. Encouragement to work, practice, change habits, and do something different. Signs have no power without us putting in great effort. We often embrace signs when we are unfulfilled in an area of our lives. The allure of the “sign” gives us a false sense of hope, and we delay difficult decisions that we must make.

However, things only change and get better by the real decisions we make and actions we take. Signs are only a reminder to make hard decisions, put in the work, and create the change we want.

What decision are you delaying because you are waiting for a sign?

You don’t need a sign. You already know which areas of your life you want to improve. Make a decision, and act on it, today.

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