Authentic Persuasion: Communication that Moves Others to Action

Whether you are a social service worker, non-profit professional, or small business owner, having a solid grasp of sales skills makes you much more effective. Even if you don’t sell a product, people need to get sold on your ideas, plans, and processes. Understanding the basics of effective sales (while not acting ‘salesy’) will make your communication easier and produce better results. In this training you will learn:
  • The seven values of superb customer service.
  • Unselling: How to effectively sell your ideas, plans, and processes without coming across as ‘salesy.’
  • Whose Agenda? Guiding clients and co-workers to win-win outcomes.
  • How to lead conversations to get positive results.
  • How to assertively ask for what you want without feeling awkward.

This is a great training for those who want to communicate more persuasively while remaining authentic and kind.

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